How To Give Your Home A Rustic Lodge Look

Rustic lodge decor is appealing for it's warm comfortable colors and unique accessories. You can get this great look no matter what the style of your home. All it takes is some accessories and creativity.

Regardless of your decorating skills you can get a lodge home décor theme by adding the right accessories and wall art. Changing out your window treatments, flooring, wall coverings and furniture can transform your home into a rustic lodge no matter where you live.

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Window treatments are important to your lodge home décor style. For a great look try using plain cotton or canvas with tabbed tops or a lodge print fabric curtain or just plain wood blinds. There are many treatments that go with this style, especially if you use coordinating fabrics, but you probably want to avoid frilly curtains or valances.

How To Give Your Home A Rustic Lodge Look

Decorative items are key to bringing your lodge home décor style all together. Concentrate on choosing wall art, pillows and knick knacks, in colors and patterns that match your lodge design. It's amazing the impact a few simple changes can make! Be sure to include lots of wooden bowls and old baskets as well as antique snowshoes and other camp gear and you can even try a few vintage lodge style blankets in traditional black and red plaid or stripes to really add a warm campy feel. Incorporating additional touches such as taxidermy mounts can give your home a nice final touch.

A critical thing to consider when decorating your home with a lodge home décor look is what you put on the walls. For this look the colors can really enhance the feel - you should consider having earth tones either as wallpaper or paint. Try using a split logs and chinking for a real log cabin look on the walls, or go with paint.

It's not crucial that you match the furnishings and lighting but you should include a variety of campy and rustic furniture. Try using antler chandeliers or deer hoof table lamps. You have a wide choice in furniture - leather always goes well with this look and you can even accent it with twig or antler chairs. Be sure to include some campy Native American style rugs or perhaps a sheepskin or bearskin rug in front of the fireplace.

A critical aspect that we sometimes forget when decorating your house is the wall space. Even the ugliest walls can be made to look good with decorative wall art and accessories. Try adding hunting prints and old advertising signs to your walls to really show off the campy feeling of your lodge design.

Adding a fantastic lodge look to your home doesn't have to be difficult or take a huge amount of money. Shop for bargains at your local thrift store and attend antique auctions for those campy items that will make your home unique.

How To Give Your Home A Rustic Lodge Look

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7 Cool Wall Art Ideas For Your Teenage Girl's Room

Decorate your teenage girl's room using the following: paintings, mirrors, letters & wall plaques, posters, cork boards, wall stickers, and pegs.

Moms always make sure everything is right for her little girl. Surprise her by getting some furnishing for the wall in her room. Here are some lovely wall decor ideas for her room.

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7 Cool Wall Art Ideas For Your Teenage Girl's Room

Painting are the most conventional wall decors. Paintings add elegance to rooms, choose one that appeals to your tastes. If your girl is quite an artist herself, you can let her create her own painting she can hang on her wall.


Mirrors add sophistication to the wall. A simply designed mirror can already make a clever piece of art in her unfurnished wall. You can also get a mirror with artistic frames that goes well with your wall color to make it more pleasing when viewing yourself. Choose a mirror with custom made color and designs that would complement your tastes and personality.

Letters and wall plaques

Letters and Wall plaques make a noticeable ornament for her room. Spell out her name using the colorful letter pieces. Simple greeting or phrases are placed on the plaques. You may add some poems or bible verses that she can always read to brighten up her day, especially upon waking up.


Teen are huge fans of music groups and celebrities. Get her a poster of her favorite musicians and actors she can always stare at.

Cork boards and chalkboards

Teenage years can already be a busy era for your girl. Get her some cool cork boards or chalkboards for her to pin up some important dates, appointments, or any school activities that she must be prepared. To make thing more pealing, she can always add paper decorations or magnets to make it more attractive and practical.

Wall stickers

Get her some cleverly designed wall stickers that would surely parallel her style and personality. To make things more interesting, unleash her creative side and let her design her own vinyl wall sticker. Not only it is a less costly alternative but it's smart too, it's always removable whenever you feel like creating a new design for your wall.

Hooks and pegs

Elaborate wall decors are surely noticeable but small decors can also make impacts to your wall. Add some cute and creatively designs pegs in your girl's room. Butterflies and flowers would definitely add a feminine touch. Bring out her childlike demeanor with cute star pegs or animal designs like pigs, sheep or anything that relevant in the nursery rhymes. You can also be practical by using a cleverly designed hook that can be used for hanging different items as well as making a keen wall ornament.

Always be aware of her interests and her style. Choose the one that suits the most of her personality. That way, she would surely be delighted.

7 Cool Wall Art Ideas For Your Teenage Girl's Room

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Wall Art - Tips For Proper Placement

Nothing can finish a room's décor like the effective use of wall art. But people are often perplexed about what to put where. Some of the most common mistakes I see are: art hung too high, size of art out of proportion with the size of the wall and art disconnected from the furniture beneath it.

Here are some tips to help ensure your wall art enhances, rather than detracts from, the overall look of your room.

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1. The right height

Wall Art - Tips For Proper Placement

Most people mistakenly believe that pictures should be hung at eye level. But whose eye? A 6'2" man or a 5'4" woman? A better way to gauge the correct height is by looking at how the picture relates to the furniture below it. A good rule of thumb is to hang a picture so that the bottom is 6-8 inches above a sofa back or 8-10 inches above other furniture. Higher than that and it becomes disconnected from the furniture and makes the room look out of balance.

2. The right balance

Another mistake people commonly make is hanging a small picture behind a large sofa. A picture should be one half to two thirds the width of the piece of furniture below it. If a picture is too narrow for the spot, you can flank it with two smaller pictures to fill the space.

3. Think of groupings as one picture

If you don't have a large enough piece of art to adequately fill a big space, you can use groupings of smaller pieces. The individual pictures should be framed in similar materials (metal, wood, etc.). They don't have to be identical, but they shouldn't "fight" with each other.

Before you hang your grouping, work out a pleasing arrangement on the floor. You can also cut out pieces of paper in the same shapes as your pictures and tape them on the wall with painter's tape until you are happy with the arrangement. For a cohesive look, the frames should not be more than about 3-4 inches apart.

4. Mirrors do triple duty

Mirrors not only have a functional and decorative use, but they can also become an architectural element. Placed where it will reflect a window and its view, a mirror can act almost as an additional window, increasing the amount of light in a room and making a room seem larger.

Placement of mirrors should follow the same rules of thumb as art, but make sure a mirror is high enough that people can see their reflections without having their heads cut off.

And don't lean a mirror on the mantel, as it will only reflect the ceiling.

If you follow these guidelines when hanging your art, you will see how much more cohesive and balanced your room will look.

Wall Art - Tips For Proper Placement

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1,000 Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas that Cost Practically Nothing

There are endless boy bedroom decorating ideas for your child to relax, hang out, and be himself. You can make it very personal with a special boy bedroom decorating idea with his tastes in mind. Thinking about his favorite toys if he is young, or hobbies, interests and colors if he is older will help you decide on a theme and color scheme for a boy bedroom decorating idea you know he will appreciate.

Here is How to Make the Boy Bedroom Design Cost Practically Nothing

\"wall Art\"

Planning ahead is all it takes to bring the boy bedroom decorating idea to life. You can make the projects cost practically nothing by simply selecting from the theme and color choices that are available when you need to replace or add something. It is probably easiest to start when you need to buy new bedroom linens. You can purchase extra sheets to make curtains or matching pillows if you are handy with a sewing machine.

1,000 Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas that Cost Practically Nothing

Each time you shop, go to an event or on vacation, you can pick up items within your theme to enhance his room more. Your unique décor items will make your boy bedroom decorating idea more personal.

As a Trading Spaces fan and avid viewer of home decorating shows, I enjoy the wall art projects most. Designer Frank was probably the best free-hand artist on Trading Spaces, but he wasn't the first to use free-hand wall art techniques. Being more crafty than artistic, I like to trace or draw my stencils first. Now there are more designs on pre-made stamps that you can use, or try making your own from a sponge or almost anything. Decorating projects including hand-made wall art will make the room unique at a low cost.

Another easy inexpensive idea is to implement something from your boy bedroom decorating idea on the light switch or visible wall plug-in nightlight. Now you can find many different light switch plates and night lights for any home décor theme. You can also make them easily yourself. Trace or draw a design onto the switch plate or night light cover and paint in colors to match. You can glue on anything from sea shells to refrigerator magnets to add your personal touches. Try this on a wall mirror for a unique touch.

Add posters, art, mirrors, wall hangings, lamps, and rugs which include your theme when you are ready. If you are crafty, you can create something of your own.

1000 Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Imagine the possibilities for your boy bedroom decorating idea. They are truly endless. Find more of my boy bedroom decorating idea articles with added details on these 1000+ designs.

1. Airplane Decor for Childs Room Decorating Idea - Red, white, and blue stripes and solids. Adding airplane décor for a childs room is easy and fun for toddlers or boys any age that love airplanes.

2. Sports Theme Bedroom Decorating Idea - Team colors and favorite sports are a fan's dream. Use any sport or team color to personalize his sports theme bedroom.

3. Sports Locker Bedroom Decorating Idea - Off-white walls painted with many sports scenes using red, black, grays, browns, and yellows. Turn an unpainted wood cabinet into a custom red locker.

4. Race Car Boy Bedroom Decorating Idea - Multi-colored toy race cars and posters with orange Matchbox tracks everywhere provides hours of fun.

5. Western Cowboy Décor Boy Bedroom Decorating Idea - Western cowboy décor is often tans, browns, and black. Paint or hang an old favorite cowboy hat, lasso and holster on the wall for a personalized touch.

6. Train Bedroom and Train Decorating Ideas - Any bright colors can be used with trains. Add a do-it-yourself built-in table for his model train to play whenever he likes.

7 to 11. Disney and Cartoon Theme Bedroom Designs - Cartoon characters and superheroes like Batman, Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, Nemo, Winnie the Pooh, and many more....

12 to 100. Shapes and Colors Decorating Idea Kid Room - So many cool shapes, sizes and colors. You can create great combos in hours.

101 to 1000+. Animal Bedroom Decorating Ideas are Fun for Everyone - Favorite animals of all kinds can be used for bedroom designs. Match the colors and scenes of their natural habitat for educational value.

The special child in your life will surely enjoy the unique room you create together using a personal boy bedroom decorating idea for him.

1,000 Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas that Cost Practically Nothing

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Woodworking Lighthouse Plans

Lighthouses are a very fun project, for most plans the dimensions are 18-1/2" wide x 47" tall making it a perfect size to sit in the lawn for decoration, there are some larger ones but the plans for those can be a little more difficult to find.

A few years ago I wanted to build my first Lighthouse and I started shopping around for plans, after doing some looking, I noticed they were all going for between 10 and 20 dollars. Maybe it is just me, but I think that is a little expensive for a single set of plans.

\"wall Art\"

After looking through a couple of websites I ran across one that had the plans I was looking for as well as 10,000 other plans for all types of different projects, I looked at a preview of the lighthouse plans and they looked very well made out and easy to follow. It cost about 50 dollars but it had a money back guarantee and I figured if all single set plans cost as much as the lighthouse plans, it would save a lot of money in the long run and I was not about to go back to using those free plans you can get off the internet, those are filled with so many errors you have to second guess every step and it still comes out wrong.

Woodworking Lighthouse Plans

eBook and Website Plans

In the end the lighthouse plans were very easy to follow and my project came out exactly how I wanted it, I have done many projects since then using plans off of the eBook and I have been just as pleased with them as I was with the lighthouse. I can now even search through all the plans by category and difficulty level making it very easy to always find exactly what I need.

Woodworking Lighthouse Plans

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Decorating Ideas For A Teenage Boys Bedroom

When decorating a teen boy's bedroom the decor you decide upon will depend on the teen in question. But there are a number of different ideas that you can explore and these bedroom decorating ideas for a teenage boys space will hopefully produce a room that they will enjoy.


\"wall Art\"

It is a good idea to paint the walls of your teen's room in deep or vibrant colours (such as purple or blue) and then use lighter coloured furniture which will provide accent to the walls.

Decorating Ideas For A Teenage Boys Bedroom

Wall Art and Shelving

Normally the wall art you should be looking for to decorate a teen boy's room is murals with a sports theme or motor sport theme. Look at very modern shelving in order to display any trophies that they may have on them.

When choosing the bedding for your teen boys bedroom is to go with the flow and use that which links in to the overall theme of the room.

For example if you teens room is based on a surf theme then you could paint the walls in an ocean blue colour and then cover them with surf and surfer murals. There are plenty of places where you can purchase bedding that will perfectly match the theme that they have.

Or why not go for a solid colour theme to the room and use other colours in small amounts which will enhance the overall design of the room.

Study Area

When decorating your teen's bedroom include an area for them to study. Each teen will have a different way in which they study and there are many types of different tables available which will suit your particular teens study needs.

Lastly but by no most least when you are looking at bedroom decorating ideas for teenage boys then you should wherever possible involve them in the whole process. You should allow them to have a say as to what colours, theme and designs they want included in the decorating as well as what kind of furniture they would like to have.

Decorating Ideas For A Teenage Boys Bedroom

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