Canvas Wall Art - 6 Hanging And Arrangement Tips

There are different ways to hang your canvas wall art. You can hang your paintings horizontally, vertically, offset in different heights, or in a row. What's important is that you hang paintings at eye level. It would be more difficult to appreciate artwork if you had to strain your neck to look up or bend down to see a picture clearly.

Some ways to hang your canvas are:

\"wall Art\"

1) Hang two or more paintings at different levels. Hang one painting first and then hang the next one a few inches higher or lower. The best way to organize offset hanging is by laying the paintings on the floor so you can plan how to arrange the paintings like a puzzle.

Canvas Wall Art - 6 Hanging And Arrangement Tips

2) Hang even-sized canvas pieces in similar themes, styles and colors in a vertical or horizontal row. Three to four paintings are good numbers to hang this way. They would look suitable in a hallway or corridor, above a long couch in the living room, a rectangular dining room, or above a queen or king sized bed.

3) Hang a few paintings diagonally along your staircase. An easy way to determine where to place your hooks or nails is by measuring from the floor up. So, if hang the first painting 5 feet from the floor of the step, do the same for the next step up or down. Hang at intervals of 3 to 4 steps along the stairway.

4) Hang several small paintings in a group to make up one big artwork. If you have 6 canvas pieces you can mount them in a group shaped like a square or rectangle. You can also hang them in an offset manner like a collage of various picture above your couch, along the hallway or staircase.

5) Hang similar themed paintings in one area. So, it you have a bunch of flower canvas wall art, hang them in one room in a row or in a group. If you have several small pieces of fruit paintings, hang them all in the kitchen instead of spreading them out all over the house.

6) You can also hang paintings creatively with ribbons. Attach color coordinated ribbons to each end (left and right) at the top part of your canvas. The ribbons should not overshadow your painting. Choose high quality ribbons that are simple and don't have any distracting patterns and designs. Knot the ends into a ribbon then hang on a nail on the wall.

Since there are different ways to arrange canvas wall art on your wall, there are different hanging kits that can help you achieve the task too. Some are self-leveling, other hanging devices let you adjust the height of your paintings by a few inches. These adjustable hanging kits are ideal for hanging a series of artwork in a row or offset art sets.

Canvas Wall Art - 6 Hanging And Arrangement Tips

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Paint Walls Different Colors - Wall Color Ideas Learn How to Make a Transition On Big Walls

One of the most asked questions I get, right behind how to pick the correct colors, is how do I create color breaks in my room. With many homes having open concept living, fewer and fewer obvious wall breaks are available. I have some fun and easy options for this problem.

When you have very large expansive walls so often found in the open concept homes it can and often does create problems of how to start and stop paint. In some cases there are simply no easy stops, I often suggest they use the same paint all the way around. These are people who would just like to add a little color and not do anything out of the ordinary or different.

\"wall Art\"

If you are a little more creative and not afraid to go a little on the wild side the next few options might be something worth thinking about. One of my favorite applications is to make your wall art, that's right making it an art piece. I have suggest to my clients starting the paint at an obvious beginning and then half way or maybe three quarters of the way in the middle of the wall...put a wide stripe of an accent paint, floor to ceiling. Start the next paint and then finish the rest of the room with the new paint.

Paint Walls Different Colors - Wall Color Ideas Learn How to Make a Transition On Big Walls

The size and the stripe depends on the size of the wall and how bold you want it to be. The accent can be anything you want. If you want bold, darker color, less bold something just slightly darker or lighter that the wall color.

You can shake it up with adding maybe a zigzag or a couple lines one larger and a couple smaller. You can even add a half circle, or a fully circle, small circles going up on edge of the stripe. Do you see how this now becomes wall art? I suggest you draw this out and play with colors and designs before you actually paint it. And then put up a large piece of paper on the wall with the colors and design, live with it a day or two and then make it happen.

Another option is to simply blend the different hues together at the point in your long wall that you would like to have the transition. This can be very beautiful and gives a nice look. To accomplish it you need to use a paint extender product, it extends the drying time and makes the paint more translucent, this will help you blend the colors easily and they will flow into each other. If you do not use the extender it is much harder to gradually blend the colors. Only use the extender on the colors where you are bringing them together.

Don't let those large run on walls drive you crazy any longer, make them a work of art. Everyone who has used this technique has had amazing comments from their friends, it is very unexpected

Paint Walls Different Colors - Wall Color Ideas Learn How to Make a Transition On Big Walls

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Bathroom Redo - How to Make a Pink Tub & Tile 'Disappear'

When you move into an older home and your decorating budget is being largely spent on your main living areas, dealing with a pink tile and tub in the bathroom can be quite a challenge. So until you can replace the tub and tile, here are some decorating tips that can help move the pink away from center stage.

Go Neutral: Choose neutral shades for the walls in your bathroom. If the pink tile has warm undertones to it use neutral brown tones, and if the pink tile has cool undertones to it use a neutral gray on the walls. By pairing the pink tile with these neutral colors, you will visually soften the contrast between the tile and the walls and allow it all to blend together.

\"wall Art\"

Play Up the Walls: Once you have your neutral walls balanced with the tile, choose your accessories to match your wall color but a few shades darker. By promoting the neutral tones you begin to pull attention away from the pink tile and tub.

Bathroom Redo - How to Make a Pink Tub & Tile 'Disappear'

Bold Accent: After you have all of your neutrals in place, choose a bold color to use as your accent or focal point in the room. A bold blue, a deep emerald or even a bright turquoise all command the eye's attention and further detract from the pink tile.

Accentuate the Undertone: As you consider your wall color understand that the pink tile will actually seem to change colors as you pair it with a new wall color. For example, if you pair baby pink with white it just looks pink, but when paired with a rich terracotta color it suddenly looks more salmon. By making this subtle shift in the appearance of the pink tile, you can now go on to decorate around an earth tone palette with terracotta and salmon rather than trying to decorate around bright pink. Try a few different color swatches on the wall to get a feel for how the light works with different colors in your space.

Decorating Neighbors: By using neighboring colors on the color wheel to pair with your pink tiles like orange, red or yellow, you make pink part of the background palette rather than the focus of the room. You can also incorporate pattern into the mix to liven up the space. So you could paint your walls yellow and add a geometric or floral shower curtain that contains reds, yellows and oranges to make a bright, cheery space. Then you can finish tying the look together with accessories and a bathmat.

Use a Barrier: Another more direct way that you can minimize the appearance of your pink tiles is to simply cover them up. By putting in a large bathroom rug and hanging a ceiling to floor shower curtain, you can simply make the pink tub and tile go away.

Create a Focal Point: You can also use the magician's trick of misdirection to make the pink seem to disappear by adding a dramatic accent piece in your bathroom. If you have an attention grabbing wall treatment, your eye will be so busy taking it all in that you will not have time to even notice the pink tile. A large mirror with interesting wall sconces or a huge window with a dramatic window treatment can pull the eye away from the tired, old pink tub and tile until you have the time and money to replace it.

Bathroom Redo - How to Make a Pink Tub & Tile 'Disappear'

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Hanging Wall Art - 4 Simple Rules

Deciding on how to display art in a way that is appealing and draws attention can be a daunting challenge for some. Read on as this article provides a few simple tips on displaying art effectively in your home.

1. Art Grouping for an Interesting Touch

\"wall Art\"

Group the pictures into clusters of two or three. Odd numbered groups suggest a focal point while even numbered groups exude a calming and organized effect. You can transform an even numbered grouping into an odd numbered one, simply throw in a unique but different element - something which complements the rest of the group, but doesn't necessarily belong to the same family. A mirror or a wall carving would be a good idea. This brings the grouping out of balance, yet makes it interesting.

Hanging Wall Art - 4 Simple Rules

2. Art and Furniture

As a rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to first position the furniture in the room before you hang the art pieces. This way you can use the furniture as a guide to the picture hanging height and positioning. Typically, avoid using a picture or a group of pictures that is wider than the furniture piece below it. If they are narrower than the furniture, they should at least be half the length of the furniture. The picture or the group of pictures should not be placed too low on the wall such that it is too close to the furniture, neither should it be placed too high such as to leave an unsightly gap between the furniture and the picture. Ideally, you should leave about an 8 to 10 inch gap between the bottom of the picture and the piece of furniture below it.

3. Hang Art at the Right Height

Don't hang pictures too high on the wall. You don't want your guests craning their necks to look at the art. The standard practice is to hang the picture at eye level. Some experts believe that you should hang pictures 3 to 4 inches lower than where you think it is. When hanging pictures you should also consider the purpose of the room. If it is a dining room or living room that you're decorating, where guests will be seated most of the time, your eye level should be about 5 to 6 inches above the backs of chairs. In the hallway or stairway, you should place your pictures higher as people are standing in upright positions in these places.

4. Avoid Cluttering

Finally, when grouping pictures, take note not to position the pictures too close to each other. If the pictures are placed too close, they lose their individuality, and if they're placed too far apart, they will lack unity.

That's it! A few simple steps to get you starting along in you home decorating adventure! Enjoy your art!

Hanging Wall Art - 4 Simple Rules

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